Off-Beat Haiku and Tanka IX

through forest mist,
the temple bell rings
us home.

        water twinkling
        within a broken pot—

        no eye too small
        to hold a dream.

              when I am lonely
              and go for a walk, I see
              everywhere the same
              autumnal dusk.


              seasons change not
              the color in the eye.

under summer sky.
where are you?

        dew never
        clings to the hem
        of my dress
        as so daintily
        to the daylily.

              they fought here.
              do you know their
              marching feet?

              stones speak not
              and grasses see not.
              winds hear not.

            copyright © 2014 by mari t

¹ Ryōzen. “When I . . .” Rexroth, Kenneth. One Hundred Poems from the Japanese. New York: New Directions, 1964. P 62. Print.

    mari t. makes no endorsement of any advertisement appearing on this site.

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