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Off-Beat Haiku and Tanka VIII

summer shade
bequeathed to me by
friendly elm.
no birds nest above
to chatter and poop.

          morning snow
          hiding pine branches
          as sinful.

          would that all nature
          slept in the winter.

          do flowers
          dream of more seasons,

          the hardest of frosts
          kills not the toad.

into the washbasin.

-Nonoguchi Ryūho- ¹

reflections of souls
living only at night.

        what brings you to me
        this afternoon?
        “hey, summer has come.
        thought you’d like to know.”

              in giant halls
              of damp forest they reign—
              the redwoods.

              copyright © 2014 by mari t

    ¹ Nonoguchi Ryūho. “Pouring . . .” Addiss, Stephen. The Art of Haiku. Boston, MA: Shambhala, 2012. P 67. Print.

      mari t. makes no endorsement of any advertising that appears on this site.

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