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Off-Beat Haiku & Tanka VII

lucky rose,
no eye to see its
own withering.

the spring passing so
quickly for all beauty.

        no footsteps
        disturb the crickets
        my garden remains
        a barren landscape.
              in the autumn mountains
              the colored leaves are falling.
              if I could hold them back,
              I could still see her.

              -Kakinomoto no Hitomaro-¹

              would we love so deep
              without memories?

do you hear?
rocks never cry
in the rain.

they can’t afford
umbrellas, either.

        hey, too soon!
        don’t you know better,

        the heat of summer
        knows no season, hey?

              twist of leaves
              pin wheels across the road—
              autumn again.
            copyright © 2014 by mari t.

¹ Hitomaro. “In the Autumn . . .” Rexroth, Kenneth. One Hundred Poems from the Japanese. New York: New Directions, 1964. P 20. Print.

      mari t. makes no endorsement of any advertising that appears on this site.

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