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Off-Beat Haiku and Tanka I

                                           have no fear.
                                           if I fall asleep
                                           all my dreams
                                           are of you.


the sunshine,
laughing across my
face and hands.


                                                                trickling stream
                                                                running south on a
                                                                summer’s day,
                                                                taking leaves and twigs
                                                                to visit the sea.

(while standing at a corner in the rain, I saw a . . .)

tall building,

living in a puddle

at my feet.

                                                                                                             wooden pail

                                                                                                             trying to catch rain

                                                                                                             with warp’d slats.

(one day I heard . . .)

                                                   padding steps

                                                   coming up the  walk.

                                                   just the rain.

copyright © 2012 by mari t.


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