Reply to Carpe Diem 1786-1787

Carpe Diem 1786-1787

reaching for the sun

lotus flowers blooms from the mud

old pond changes.                         © Chèvrefeuille


last year they were white.

do the bees know this?                         © 2019 mari t.


deep silence

even deeper as the nightingale starts to sing

beautiful life.                         © Chèvrefeuille


under crescent moon

snow begins to fall.                    © 2019 mari t.


snow falls gently

covers up the autumn fields

faraway sounds.                         © Chèvrefeuille


remembering the

last winter with you.                         © 2019 mari t.



scattered by autumn leaves

the old pond.                         © Chèvrefeuille


gazing too close

wet leaf slaps my face.                    © 2019 mari t.


a last leaf

swirls on the wind toward the east

first snow falls gently.                         © Chèvrefeuille


my silly dog

snaps at each flake.                         © 2019 mari t.


farewell verse

as I depart from the train station

forget me not.                         © Chèvrefeuille


do you not wonder?

I nearly left with you.                         © 2019 mari t.


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